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The Governance Committee enhances the engagement of board members and the overall membership and ensures the effective operation of the leadership structure.


Dr. Lenall Thomas

Executive Director of the Center for Family Excellence 
AASP Governance Committee Co-Chair


Wendy Guy

Chief Financial Officer of Brothers and Sisters Emerging

AASP Governance Committee Co-Chair


The Capacity-Building Committee 

enhances the membership’s skills in nonprofit leadership and development.



Aaron Mickens

COO of Three Rivers Youth

AASP Capacity Building Committee Co-Chair

Markese Long

Community Relations Manager
of Partner 4 Work

AASP Capacity Building Committee Co-Chair


The Finance Committee coordinates the financial oversight responsibilities of the organization.



Dr. Sharon McDaniel

President and CEO of A Second Chance, Inc.

AASP Finance Committee Chair



The Research & Evaluation Committee assists the membership with understanding the importance of research and the impact of programs through planning, evaluation tools,
and disseminating articles and other researched-based materials.



Jada Shirriel

CEO of Healthy Start, Inc.

AASP Research & Evaluation Committee Chair

The Advocacy Committee educates local, state and federal officials on issues that impact the children and families AASP serves.



Dr. Jacqueline Wilson

President and CEO of TRAC Services for Families

AASP Advocacy Committee Chair

The Conference Planning Committee plans and implements the annual AASP conference, which offers training and educational opportunities to all sectors on disproportionality and other issues impacting African American children, youth and families.



Peggy B. Harris

President and CEO of Three Rivers Youth

Conference Planning Committee Chair

The Marketing & Development Committee  
focuses on marketing the AASP annual conference by managing electronic registration materials, securing vendors, and obtaining corporate and foundation sponsors. This committee is also responsible for marketing other AASP special events.



Tinisha Hunt

Chief Program Officer of Macedonia FACE

AASP Marketing & Development Committee Chair

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